What is the patented EZ-Rope™ ?

The patented EZ-Rope™ is the new jump rope designed to meet the fitness needs of professional athletes, active consumers or physically challenged persons of ages 3 to 103.  “Jumping What is EZ-Rope?rope has always been a good warm-up, excellent cardiovascular exercise and a means to improve coordination and balance.  However, not everyone has the ability or skill to jump rope.” states inventor Charlie Foxman. “The idea behind the patented EZ-Rope™ is that people can twirl the patented EZ-Rope™ as if using a traditional jump rope without the risk of tripping or getting tangled. It’s the rope without the middle!” 

With the patented EZ-Rope™ you can:

  • Jump consistently because there is no middle to trip over!
  • Get an effective workout because with the patented EZ-Rope™ you maintain momentum enabling a consistent aerobic workout.
  • Jump rope anywhere because the patented EZ-Ropes™ are perfect for rooms with limited space!
  • Teach people to jump rope that never could before!
  • Get kids as young as 3 to participate in jumping programs.
  • Help young kids increase self esteem, energy levels and get better focus.